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I fucking love college. Days like today clearly exemplify my love for it because the laid-back attitude for the day (at least on my part) made up for the fact that nothing of academic importance really happened- thus making the last day before our very belated Spring Break really useless.

Saw a bunch of my friends today, bitched about the ridiculous hypocrisy going on with our so-called Earth Week celebrations.  First thing that made me smile was walking to class with my Wiccan friend and just outside the Art/Music quad being presented with a  tiny green book of excerpts from the New Testament by one of those activist types- I hesitate to call him an activist because he looked like a genuinely nice older gentleman. He gave one to both of us and I sort of chuckled over it, glad it wasn’t another pamphlet on the cruelty of super farms with pictures of deformed chickens plastered all over it because frankly, if I see that holier-than-though bitch again someone is going to have to book me aggravated assault or murder because I will stab her with a knitting needle if she lectures me on going vegan again.

Next kind of good/fun thing for the day came after I decided to sit in the quad and wait for my friend to get out of class. Typically I wait in the cafeteria alone, trying in vain to get the school internet to cooperate.  My decision turned out fairly well. Not twenty minutes after I sat down,  a moderately cute-ish looking guy with a cello sets up just across the quad to practice, telling a staff member that it was just too hot in the classroom to work inside.  He was good, and it absolutely made my morning.

Third awesome element of my day came in two parts. On my way to World Lit, my friends and I run into another friend whom I have not seen in a couple of weeks.  His first words to us are to inform us that they’re giving out free condoms at the Earth Day/Week thing. We are incredulous and question the connection between the event’s already questionable motives (they were using Styrofoam cups  and there were numerous little signs picketed on the grass around the main quad in front of the library- seriously they want to promote going green by printing quotes on cardstock stapling them to wooden stakes, and shoving them in the grass- thus killing the small rectangle of grass) and then we bemoaned the fact that we had to go to class.

Getting to class we discovered not only were they passing out free condoms, they were passing out free condoms in RAINBOW COLORS. I made it known that I would kill for yellow condoms and then the guy who sits in the corner of the room (the one I think is a bit of a stoner) decides he’s not sticking around to wait for our professor to show up.  The professor who shall-not-be-named came in five minutes late to his own class, informed us that our discussion could be heard by the class in the next room and that the professor in there is kind of his boss. I kind of wanted to say that maybe if he didn’t want us to talk loudly about the nonsense going on outside then he should have gotten there on time. In any case the stoner guy came back about five minutes later just to ask “Who wanted the yellow ones?”

My arm went up so fast I think I pulled something. He walked over, gave them to me, told the professor he was leaving again, and left.

Dude brought me condoms.

It was epic.

Then as I was leaving campus two guys (I think they were drunk) – one pushing the other in a shopping cart come down the sidewalk, and declare their love for me and my shades as they strolled past. I laughed all the way to the car.

Pics for proof and the sheer absurdity of it all.

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31 January 2011 @ 05:56 pm
What's the origin of your username? If you could change it to anything else, would you, and what would it be?

My username stems from my dislike of the nickname I was saddled with as a child- "Katie"- which I thought was the worst possible way of shortening my given name. Sharkey, of course was and continues to be my nickname of choice. If I could change it, it would probably be to one of my more favored internet usernames- such as my gamertag or the name I use in just about every other online medium. Point is, I'm still sharkeynotkatie,
28 January 2011 @ 07:41 pm
How do you define a true friend? What would lead you to end a friendship?

True friends are people that very rarely enter your life. They are people who stand with you through thick and thin, through every hardship and joy life can throw at you. True friends will not abandon you and will not allow themselves to be abandoned, They should be taken as one of the great facts of life- as irrefutable as the rising sun and as certain as its setting. They let you get away with nothing, are often the source of your problems to begin with, but are loyal and true enough to help get you back out again.

Ending a friendship, though painful, is something that happens through necessity for the good of the individual. Myself, I have pondered the need to do so at great length quite recently. Such an action should only occur when said friend has changed beyond all recognition from the person you knew and loved.

In the past year a very close friend of mine entered into a relationship I was skeptical would work and had me concerned for both parties involved. I hesitated to say anthing because one friend had long believed that they would never find love and the one they were hooking up with was already in a very committed relationship with another person and the first friend's involvement would make the second one's a love triangle that both argued had been agreed upon by all three parties involved. Following that convoluted start-up I began to recognize a distance in the first friend that had never been there before. Said person quickly began to lose interest in school and in holding on to most of their personal relationships. Furthermore that person, whom I had viewed as the truest of my friends- my bestest best friend and sister of my heart- grew away from me to the extent that all meaningful conversation (anything that did not require a 'hmm', 'yes', or 'no' response) ended and continues to be absent in our relationship. Practically overnight our dynamic had gone from unable-to-stop-talking-to-each-other to no-conversation-at-all.

Now, I have long believed that love should be the most important thing in our short, human, lives- that it is the goal we should all be so lucky to reach- but by no means should it change you drastically that you cut off all contact with those around you whom you had previously professed were the family you chose  and thus could not live without. In the event that a person changes so drastically so quickly and continues to ignore those around them in favor of a relationship that you have advised them is toxic and blatantly disregards every effort you make to engage them in anything is someone that needs to be cut out of your life.

I honestly didn’t expect to enjoy Cayla Kluver’s novel Legacy as much as I did. I picked it up at Borders…almost three months ago now as a spur-of-the-moment impulse buy based entirely on the fact that I thought the cover was STUNNING.

I had high hopes for the book based on that factoid alone and frankly I shouldn’t have considering my history with similar impulse buys and that old ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover…’ adage. I read the first four pages and set it to collect dust on my shelf until about a week ago when I got tired of looking at it and decided to give it another chance.

The pacing that had annoyed me the first time around almost turned me off again this time but I shouldered my distaste and read on.  The book starts off slowly with the introduction of the main character Alera (our protagonist) her bodyguard London (total BAMF of Epic Win) and the man her father wants her to marry- Lord Steldor (a.k.a the one who needs a blog post dedicated entirely to him).

One of the major elements of the book that annoyed me becomes very clear in this introductory chapter- character depth. As the book opens Alera is presented with a situation I can understand- the awkward I-don’t-want-to-date-you date. I’ve been there, I get it, I understand.

What I didn’t understand until the drama with London (Round One, at least) went down, was the apparent lack of character depth. Yes, I’d read all about the princess and her plight, how she had to marry by her next birthday because Daddy doesn’t want to be King anymore and there is no way a woman could rule (sexist societies yay!), but I felt very little interest in the story on an emotional level.

And then the drama went down and suddenly I understood. This character, which until this point in the story appeared flat and unwilling to change was forced by her own hand to cope with a disaster she had inadvertently caused. At this point I understood this was not to be a repeat of another first novel I’ve read where the protagonist skates by with little personal change or strife *cough*Eragon*cough*. Alera would have to struggle for her happy ending (I’ll address this in a minute).

And then Narian showed up and I was like…o,0…can I just have HIS story please? Finally someone with DEPTH!!!1!111!!!

I was on cold medicine at time I read that part of the novel so my notes on the subject consists entirely of how dreamy I think this character is.

Anyway, I finished the book today as I sat in the Vet’s office waiting to have my kitties looked after and well…my feelings are mixed. I am so glad I stuck with this book instead of setting it aside. The pacing I thought was too slow is something I now miss and in hindsight I’m glad I didn’t race through this book as I typically do with similar stories. The ending- was not what I was picturing. This book broke down the happy ending just about every fantasy novel is supposed to have and I feel as though nothing is resolved which means when Allegiance comes I am going to buy it without pause. I want more. Soon.

A few thoughts regarding characters:

 Alera’s actions at the end of Legacy are noble and because she did not shirk her duty I love her all the more. I feel deeply for her plight and I admire her strength to go through with the wedding.

Steldor...part of the time I want to like him. The rest of time I want him to go die so that Alera and Narian (half the time I want to say Nerimon) can live happily ever after. I think there’s some brilliant room for him to expand as a character and I’m torn over whether he should or shouldn’t be Alera’s husband and King.

Narian….why did you leave? You were the best part of this entire story. God, it’s like Mockingjay and Peeta all over again. *sadness*

London: I still love you.

Steldor’s Uncle: Whoever you are, don’t leave. Stay, please. You are wonderful and funny.

Tadark: I’m sorry I laughed at all those terrible jokes about you. You were annoying but you didn’t deserve it most of the time. I love you too. Not as much as anyone else, but in your own way I think you’re sweet.

A few pet peeves:

Latin and Christmas- If Hytanica is a fictional world with all its apparent magic and legends, the HOW THE HELL do these concepts fit in? Latin and Christmas, particularly Christmas, are very Earth/reality specific. I can understand wanting an ancient language for the fictional world and every fantasy book should have some sort of winter holiday but they didn't need those names. Unless this is a very AU retelling of an earthly tale I cannot wrap my mind around the fact that Hytanica celebrates Christmas nor did I see any back-story providing reason as to why they would. One line of explanation is all I ask.

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10 October 2010 @ 10:24 pm
How would you describe your dream home?

It would be massive. Two floors high with an attic that has a vaulting gabled ceiling. It would be wildly colorful, each room painted in rich jewel tones and accented accordingly. Ecclectic- a mix of gypsy and medieval themes- with images of knights and dragons prominent in the curios in and around the house.  There would be a library and a sun room, a wrap-around patio/deck, and a massive kitchen with a stone floor and a rustic, sturdy table capable of seating twelve or more on long benches. There would be an assortment of drying herbs hanging from the pot rack above the granite-topped island. There would be a large open hearth in that kitchen before which a massive beast of a dog would sleep peacefully. Hardwood floors in medium tones covered in elaborate woven rugs throughout. It would sit on a grassy knoll and from the broad back deck you would see a well-worn path down to a calm river and boat dock. A barn would sit somewhere to the west next to an expansive corral, a chicken coop and pens for sheep, pigs, and a trio of aging cows to the east. A gazebo over grown with ivy would just be visible amongst the closely grown trees at the river's edge- a lover's retreat if there ever was one.
12 August 2010 @ 11:32 pm
Do you usually remember your dreams at night? Do you analyze and/or record your dreams in your journal? Are there any recurring themes?

My dreams are a source of inspiration for me, so yes, I often make a point of writing them down the moment I wake up. There's a little recorder I keep on my shelf that I summarize the contents of my dreams in.  Those get written down in my writing journal and picked apart element by element in the subsequent pages just before I fall asleep.

They then are open to become a work of fiction at some point in the future. My longest running story was born of a strange melding of several reoccurring dreams built upon war, talking-dogs/cats/birds, rain-hating wizards, dragons who are replaced by younger counter-parts, human lady warriors turned goddesses, and many pairs of Royal twins.
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11 August 2010 @ 06:39 pm

Two weeks until school starts back up and I have yet to read more than ten books. I’ve had months to whittle away at my must read list and yet I haven’t. So not nerdy enough for me.


I blame the new kittens. They suck all energy out of me until I have no desire to do anything except cuddle them.


I have begun two new original stories, both of which are set in my WDF ‘verse.


I started seven fanfics, only one of which has been finished.


I have six ideas that require further research before I can properly sink my teeth into them.


I have one half of a Wonka bar left and that saddens me. I must buy more.


I shall endeavor to post more stuff soon. Maybe my Merlin fanfic…

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29 July 2010 @ 12:06 am

I really need to write more…journal-ly things. Which is silly ‘cause I write every day in my journal, so what I guess what I really need to do is type more. Which is just as silly because I average just about 1,000 words a day. So I’m a ball of silly when all I wanna be is a ball of Awesome or maybe a ball of Caron Simply Soft Lemonade yarn. I’m not that’s picky.


White Collar is back on and I couldn’t be more thrilled. Matt Bomer is so freaking awesome. The character of Neal Caffrey rocks my world in ways words need not express.


He’s sexy, he’s hot, he’s everything you’re not! He’s smart, and cool, and really aint no fool! He’s quick, so’s Pete, they take assholes off the street!


So maybe the last one’s a bit of a stretch but the show and it’s writing is really well done. I don’t typically care for FBI dramas. They move slowly and it’s hard to keep me entertained. But White Collar is always fun.


USA’s new show Covert Affairs also looks to be interesting. Is that Heroes’ Mohinder I spot there next to the smexy blind CIA agent? I think it might be. Either way I’m so in.


I worked up a fanfic for my BFF as birthday gift for her as soon as she reads it over herself. Cannot give to others before the BFF. It would be criminal and un-BFF like. And of course very not cool.


And now I was kittens. Named for Sherrilyn Kenyon Dark-Hunter characters. Savitar, Ash, and Simi…they are so cute, even though they poop a lot. And really it’s more like I’m babysitting Ash and Savvy for my BFF, as they really are her darlings. Simi however is my sweetheart.


I think that’s it. Will post fanfic soon.





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02 July 2010 @ 02:17 am
Saw The Last Airbender this evening (yesterday really, considering it is two AM now) with a couple of friends. It was decent  I think, though I'm not certain about that. I sort of flinched every time anybody said anyone's name. I missed the lack of the Kyoshi warriors, and the presence of Suki. As a stand-alone film I think it failed miserably. The pace was very fast and before I knew it two hours had come and gone. That's a good thing I suppose, I think the writing was terrible overall, there were many instances  in which characters seemed to parrot things back to each other. I'm hoping for a second  installment in the series, as I really want more of the nummy Jackson Rathbone as Sokka with hopefully a dash of terrible jokes and a cactus juice reference. I know this sounds all disjointed and confused, but that's exactly what this movie did to me. I don't know how well it could have come across to someone watching it who had not seen the tv show beforehand and that scares me. That and the whole changing of Aang's name from his real name to Ong. Seriously, is that one 'o' or two? I'm going to go see the film again on Sunday, and hopefully by then my otherwise blah mood will have improved. I went into the film not sure what to expect and so what I saw leaves me with questions which I'll analyze then.
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I can’t find my copy of First Test by Tamora Pierce and that’s really pissing me off. I want to read the Protector of the Small quartet from the beginning and in order to do so I must find that book. I swear I saw it somewhere in the house last week but now that I want it I can’t find it. What the hell?

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